Perth, June 2018

Where we came from
We started out around four years ago to develop a new generation of financial services software to overcome the short comings of existing attempts to support the advice process and organise the back office. All attempted solutions, without exception lack functionality to cover all aspects of an advice practice , let alone automate at least some parts of the process. Organisations deploy  suites of different applications from different vendors to cover as many parts of the office tasks and client engagement as possible to ensure compliant procedures, however all these attempts lack integration with data being held in separate applications without direct references between data records. The degree of automation is minimal resulting in high cost of document preparation and  long turnaround times.

What we endeavoured to do
Our goal was to build a fully integrated software solution, based on an intelligent data holding platform, which allows flexible and dynamic expansion where required without extended development cycles as known for all legacy systems. Furthermore we worked to build in effective automation to reduce the workload of the adviser as well as the back office staff and creating documents in an efficient compliant way. This results in less time spent for document creation and more time available for client contact and thorough research, reducing cost and speeding up the process by up to 70%. More importantly our solution does not rely on outsourcing of labour intensive components to cheap overseas services.

Where we are now
We created a system called iFACE, which identifies forty six modules, covering all aspects of a financial services organisation. We created online portals for the clients to directly communicate with an advice partner, maintain and view all relevant information through a personalised web application. Automated document creation, cost tracking, efficiency measurements, business reporting, commission allocation and other components provide a fully integrated, customised platform for quick and cost effective handling of all required activities and services provided to the client. We have the system in production and now build up our own advice organisation, capable of providing services to clients with unrivalled efficiency and quality. We also have available the most detailed data definitions of insurance products on the market giving our advice partners exclusive access and opportunity for the most comprehensive comparison of available products to identify the best solution based on the objectives of clients. Our advice partners are in the position to give better advise quicker.
All our advise partners have access to the latest updates of the software, which is constantly extended and create even more opportunities for the organisation to grow effectively and guarantee compliance with the regulators requirements.

Core Financial Services Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Compare your Life Pty Ltd AFSL (480009)