”Our investment philosophy is centred on offering our clients transparent, cost effective solutions which achieve strong real return outcomes. We believe that investment markets are the primary drivers of investment performance, however acknowledge quality active managers, in some asset classes, can deliver additional returns. As a consequence we aim to build cost effective and well diversified portfolios that rely on a combination of market and active management to do the work longer term in order to achieve your investment objectives.” – Core Financial Services Pty Ltd



During the first client fact finding session we collate our client’s key financial goals and attitudes to risk on investment markets with the ultimate objective of determining a client’s most suitable risk tolerance. This will allow us to quantify the most suitable mix of defensive income and growth assets to use in a respective clients investment portfolio.



The Core Financial Services Pty Ltd Investment Committee meets quarterly. Our Investment Committee comprises a panel of experienced professionals responsible for analysing and recommending investments for our Approved Securities and Product List.

At these quarterly meetings we formally review all existing managers to ensure we capture any significant changes in views from Morningstar Research. If any amendments are required due to issues like ratings downgrades or fund closures, as examples, we will look to implement any changes as required.


The Core Financial Services Pty Ltd Investment Committee holds an extended meeting in September in order to conduct a deeper and more rigorous review of the preferred practice model portfolios.

We believe it is critical to the ongoing relationship with our clients that they fully understand what it is Core Financial Services Pty Ltd believe in when it comes to negotiating the often complex world of investing money to achieve an individual’s goals, and how our practice then implements those views to establish and manage ongoing robust investment portfolios.



By starting a conversation with us today, you can begin building a financial plan for the future.  You will benefit from the combined experience and dedicated network of financial professionals across Australia. Send us a message and we will get you in touch with the closest specialist adviser.

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